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                   AWARENESS PROGRAM

Our natural resources are an integral part of our environment. Learning to care for our natural resources should therefore be a part of our school curriculum.

Keeping this objective in focus, an awareness program on “Crisis of potable water and water conservation” was hosted by the students of class 9 and class 11. The program was inaugurated on 6th November and it continued over a span of two days.

On the first day, a power-point presentation was given by Class 9A on ‘Sources and quality of drinking water’ followed by an English song. The second presentation was by the students of class 9C and the main theme of this presentation was ‘Depletion and contamination of water resources.’ An added attraction to this presentation was a mime show where the children depicted the misuse of water by the common man and its consequences.

On the second day, a presentation was given by the students of class 11 on Programs / Measures taken by the government to prevent the depletion and contamination of drinking water.

The main draw of this awareness program was a street play put up by the students of class 9B on “Ways and measures to conserve water through reuse and recycling.”

The program ended on a promising note with a ray of hope gleaming in every mind that our future generations would grow up to be responsible citizens of this planet.