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        Cir 12/19-20                                                                                                                   8th July, 2019

                                                      NOTICE FOR CLASS 3 TO CLASS 12

It has been observed that on the days of unit tests, students are being sent to school even if they are ill/ suffering from a contagious disease/ afflicted with some infection. Students should not be attending school on the days of unit tests if he/she is going through any ailment. Moreover requests for half day after the completion of the unit tests will automatically be turned down (Given on pg 14 of the school diary).

In case a student is medically unfit to attend school on any day including unit test days, Parents may submit a letter at the reception OR send an email to addressed to the Principal, with a copy of the doctor’s prescription enclosed in the letter or attached with the email. If the reason is found to be valid, then the marks of the missed unit test / class tests will be scaled up.