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Cir 31/17-18                                                                                                    5th December, 2017.

                                                   NOTICE FOR CLASS 1 & CLASS 2

Dear Parents,

Henceforth, there will be no Unit Test conducted for Class1 and Class 2. The assessment of the students for every subject shall be done on the basis of surprise tests, classwork assignments and homework assignments that are conducted regularly throughout the term.

For each subject, the teacher shall be conducting / giving more than one such tests / assignments. The student’s final performance will assessed by taking an overall evaluation of her / his work and will not be based on one particular test / assignment.

Further parents are requested to refrain from sending their children to school if they are ill. Absence from any one test / assignment for reason of illness will not have any negative impact on their grades / report card. Your child’s health is far more important than any test !!